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Types Of Shower Door Sweeps

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A shower door sweep is a vinyl and polycarbonate strip that snaps on to the edges of frameless shower doors to prevent water from dripping out of the shower. Shower sweeps make bathroom and shower cleaning easy because they trap all of the water from your shower inside the shower area, reducing the risk of mildew or bacterial growth outside your shower.

There three types of shower door sweeps:

bottom sweeps, side sweeps and door jamb sweeps.

Bottom shower door sweeps go on the bottom of your shower doors and prevent water from leaking out of the bottom of your shower area.

Side sweeps go on the side of the shower door that opens outward.

door jamb sweeps go on the hinged side of the shower door. Additionally, make sure you determine whether you need glass-to-glass or wall-to-glass shower sweeps.

Glass-to-glass shower door sweeps are inserted vertically between two shower glass panels while wall-to-glass shower sweeps are inserted vertically between a shower glass panel and a wall.

You should replace your frameless shower door sweep anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Shower door sweeps lose their seal over time and are not as effective at keeping in water. You should also replace your shower door sweep if it is discolored, cracked or brittle, or shows other signs of wear and tear. Our shower door sweeps fit glass shower doors that are 1/4", 1/2" and 3/8" of an inch thick and can be 98 inches long for door jamb sweeps or 36 inches long for bottom sweeps. Additionally, you can cut the longer length shower door sweeps to size so that they will fit your shower.

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