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How To Replacement Best Window Hinges?

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We can carry out the following double glazing window hinge repairs and also adjust window friction hinges and stays:


Replacement Standard window hinges  - used on all types of pvcu double glazed windows

Replacement Low Stack window hinges (often referred to as ‘standard’)

Replacement Slimline window hinges

Replacement Narrow window hinges (often called ‘slimline’)

Replacement Restrictor window hinges – provide a restricted opening (10cms), particularly used for upper storey windows or in high-rise properties to prevent people from falling.

Replacement child stays or child hinges for windows - (also referred to as ‘restrictor’ hinges)

Replacement fire escape window hinges – open to almost 90 degrees; only available as side-opening windows; hinge of preference for windows which require regular easy cleaning)

Replacement means of escape window hinges (aka fire escape window hinges)

Replacement egress window hinges (aka fire escape window hinges)


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