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What is Compact Concealed Hinges?

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Compact Concealed Hinges are a great universal hinge that allows you to install to the face frame of your cabinet. They come in two different installation types, Screw-in, or Doweled.  Things to be aware of when ordering compact concealed hinges:

1) Screw-in Compact Concealed Hinges do not come with hardware for installation.  If you are looking for hardware you can purchase a pack of 606N Screws.

2) Compact Concealed Hinges leave a 1/8" gap from the edge of the door they are being installed on to the cabinet frame. This means that after installation your door will not be flush on the cabinet frame.

Compact Concealed hinges also have 2 different types of closing mechanisms, Soft Close and Self Close.

Soft-Close Hinges - Allow the door to close softly with minimal effort to avoid the cabinet from slamming shut. Soft Close hinges are great for lower cabinets or for households with little children have access.  Soft Close hinges help with the lifetime of the finish of your cabinets.

Self-Close Hinges - Allow the door to close on it's own with minimal effort. Self-close hinges are a great price point and are great for upper cabinets or for households with the Elderly. One thing to be aware of is that Self-close hinges spring close and can slam the cabinet door shut.  Rubber tabs are recommend on the edge of the cabinet door to protect the cabinet finish from the slamming effect.

                       Soft-Close Hinges                                                   Self-Close Hinges

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