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Concealed hinge

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Concealed hinges—also called invisible, hidden and European—are used on entry and interior doors, cabinets and furniture. They’ve been around for a long time. TaiZhou Furniture Fitting, a well-known brand, has been making them for more than 26 years. Why Concealed hinge hot selling around the world? Because they’re not seen from the outside, they provide a smooth, uninterrupted appearance that’s aesthetically pleasing. They also provide security, because they can’t be tampered with from the outside. European-style hinges, which are typically used in cabinetry and furniture, have additional benefits: You can adjust the way a door hangs after installation, which means they’re more forgiving than traditional hinges because you can accommodate slight construction imperfections. Some European-style hinges also have a soft-close feature. And they have a mechanism that makes it possible to remove cabinet doors without having to remove the hinge.

When Are Concealed Hinges Used?

Choose concealed hinges when you want a cleaner look to cabinets, furniture and doors. The European style is popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and can be used on frameless or face-frame cabinets. Concealed hinges are also used on entry and interior doors, both for their aesthetics and security. so they’re often used selectively, when the finished appearance of a door or cabinet is most important.

Which Concealed Hinge Should I Choose?

The type of concealed hinge you need depends on the application.

For cabinets (or furniture), the European-style concealed hinge you choose depends on the cabinet’s construction:

• Full overlay hinge: For single cabinets or those at the ends of a series of cabinets

• Half overlay hinge: When two doors share the same partition

• Inset hinge: For doors that are flush with the face of the cabinet

There are many companies that make European-style hinges. Some well-known brands include Blum and hettich.

For entry or interior doors, the choice will be based on the size and thickness of the door and how many hinges you want to have.

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